All about weight loss surgery in Turkey

Are you considering weight loss surgery in Turkey? Excellent choice. Medical tourism is multiplying in popularity, this is due to the low prices of medical treatments, but it is also related to some countries’ high-quality standards.

Countries like Turkey and Poland have an excellent international reputation for weight loss surgery and offer affordable prices.

Turkey is the ideal destination

Turkey is the country that has grown the most in terms of medical tourism. Some private clinics are dedicated exclusively to tourists, all of which have staff trained to communicate in English or other popular languages.

Some clinics even offer lodging and transportation for their patients from the moment they arrive at the airport. Most conveniently, even with all the extra services, the total price of a weight loss surgery in Turkey is about three times cheaper than in countries like the UK and Ireland.

Why choose Turkey?

We are talking about a country with a great tourist attraction, depending on the area you visit; you can enjoy many recreational activities. Not to mention the low cost of living in Turkey, resulting in cheap flights, hotels and transportation.

It is a country with economic and social stability; therefore, it is a place that you can visit with peace of mind. But the main reason to choose Turkey is the quality of its treatments.

Turkey has highly qualified doctors in weight loss surgery; most of them are trained abroad and have extensive experience. Medical tourism clinics are equipped with the most modern medical equipment on the market and have facilities and staff to provide the best possible care.

Besides being regulated by the Ministry of Health and the independent Turkish Medical Associations, most clinics have various international accreditations and important recognitions worldwide. These are aspects you should take into account when choosing a clinic abroad.

Which weight-loss surgeries does Turkey offer?

The medical tourism sector in Turkey offers all kinds of treatments, when it comes to weight loss surgeries, the treatments preferred by patients are:

  • Gastric sleeve
  • Gastric bypass
  • Gastric balloon
  • Gastric band

There are many other treatments available, and Once you have chosen a clinic, with the specialist’s help, you can select the one that best suits your needs.


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