How to make bread crumbs?

Every day people throw away tons of food. It is neither ecological nor economic. After all, many products that seem useless can be processed or used in another way. A great example is even stale bread. How to make bread crumbs?

Briefly fried, it is decorated with spring cauliflower, green beans and holiday dumplings with plums. Makes the coating of pork chops and minced meat crispy and brown. It is added to the mass for meatballs and meat pies, and there are many more possibilities.

What’s in the breadcrumbs?

Bread crumbs, prepared traditionally, i.e. from a dry roll, should contain the same ingredients from which the roll was baked (depending on the recipe): flour, yeast, salt, eggs, water or milk. The type of flour and any additives affect the taste and texture of breadcrumbs. However, it often turns out that the breadcrumbs sold to us contain little breadcrumbs. However, it has a lot of industrial “enhancers” that make this simple product a very unhealthy, and popular meal addition.

Well, as experts have examined, the purchase of bread crumbs contains (which can be read on the labels, and rarely anyone does): stabilizers (calcium carbonate), emulsifiers, E472 – extending product durability, sugar, vegetable fats, ascorbic acid. And all this in order to reduce the production costs of “bread crumbs”, improve its appearance and prolong its durability.

Contrary to appearances, breadcrumbs do not necessarily have to be prepared from a roll, it can also be made of bread, both yeast and sourdough. You can also prepare bread crumbs from whole-grain or spelled bread, there are many possibilities.

How to make bread crumbs?

Here are some options on how to prepare it:

  • Cut stale bread into smaller pieces and mix in a blender with an “S” shaped blade.
  • We rub by hand on a fine mesh grater.
  • We crumble in a coffee grinder.
  • We use a “thermomix” robot.
  • We pass through a meat grinder.

You can add your favorite dried herbs, e.g. oregano or marjoram, to the dry breadcrumbs, thanks to which our dishes will acquire an unusual taste.

And if you’re preparing breadcrumbs for lazy noodles, I suggest adding cinnamon or ground ginger to it 🙂

We use breadcrumbs to:

  • breading meat, fish and vegetable collets, croquettes
  • as a thickener for minced chops, pates, meatballs, meatballs
  • for pouring out greasy baking sheets, heat-resistant forms
  • together with melted butter as a garnish for cooked vegetables, dumplings


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