How to start a conversation with a girl?

Without context, most girls have the right to be afraid (they are afraid of guys more than we are them) or not have time or the desire to talk. This is normal. However, with context, not every girl is free or interested. How to start a conversation with a girl?

How to talk and how to start a conversation with a girl – examples

A great way to start a conversation and talk to a girl is to start with a compliment. You can use it both as an exercise for self-confidence and as a simple way to solve a problem without a common context, when nothing else comes to your mind, and with the context you can.

On the subject of original compliments to the girl was an article here.

You say, “Hi, I wanted to tell you a compliment,” and then comment on something specific …

Only without exaggeration and standing on your head and trying to make some cosmic contortions to impress, just ordinary, something that is matched, neat, original, caught your attention, such as evenly trimmed bangs, neat curls or wavy hair, tall and athletic, white teeth.

How to start a conversation with a girl?

In the second step you need to have some emergency topic prepared or just the second one in order to start the conversation. Confidence is a great topic. Ask the girl how she built up confidence. Was she ever shy?

Sometimes after shaking hands, you can comment that she is confident or ask what sport she does.

In addition, refer to what the girl says and say something yourself, because with the same questions you fall into the drawer of the reporter who does her interview.

In any case, self-confidence is a very interesting topic that will be useful in starting a conversation with a girl, talking to strangers girls and starting conversations.

Girl from the fitness club

Take a seat on the treadmill next to it and start.

At the beginning you talk about neutral topics – a guy in comic shorts, terrible (or cool) music, etc. Ask what he thinks about the club, if she went somewhere before. Ask what he does that he can afford to exercise during such hours. Don’t be afraid of banality.

A new colleague from work

Be a noble knight in the world of selfish corporate clones.

Pass the front door, bring a letter from the secretary, show around the company and meet it with colleagues, bring coffee, share the knowledge of the old man about the company.

Attractive waitress

Stand out.

Come regularly, sit in her district, drink at most one beer and be pre-polite. You know, in this business the girl is constantly dealing with bumpy guests and drowned charmers, so your impeccable manners must get her attention.

Do not overdo it with tips, 10% is enough, otherwise she will think that you are trying to impress her stupidly. In a short conversation when ordering, refer to something she said last time. This expression of attention is impressive. The fifth time, ask when he finishes work.

A woman with a leash

Show interest in her dog.

Ask what breed it is and say beautiful. Pet him. Dog owners have a soft spot for people their dogs like. Remember to be friends with your dog. She is watching this. Talk about a good vet.


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