How to steam broccoli?

Broccoli is a great addition to dinner. It doesn’t fall in autumn – that’s when they are the tastiest. The nutritional value of broccoli beats many vegetables, including their relative – cauliflower. How to steam broccoli?

How to cook broccoli?

If we have already bought beautiful, green and fresh broccoli, we can take care of its heat treatment. At first, cut it into florets – preferably if they are the same size. Remember that the broccoli stalk is also edible! All you have to do is peel it off, then cut it into posts. The taste of this vegetable is very similar to kohlrabi.

Put chopped broccoli florets for a few minutes in a bowl of water, to which we will add one teaspoon of vinegar. Then wash the broccoli parts under running water. Thanks to this action we will clean the vegetable thoroughly

The next step is to boil a large amount of water in a pot. For about 2.5 liters of water, add a flat teaspoon of salt and a small pinch of sugar.

When the water begins to boil, throw in the washed parts of broccoli. Boil the florets for 5 to 7 minutes from the moment the water is boiled again.

Pour the cooked vegetables in a colander or take them out with a special slotted spoon and immediately put in a bowl or a pot of cold water. After a minute, strain the vegetables and leave them on the strainer. Thanks to these activities, your broccoli will look just as appetizing as before cooking it.

How to steam broccoli?

Why steamed broccoli?

This vegetable is a flagship example of how positively steam cooking can affect the taste of dishes, other good examples can be found here: steamed vegetables. It is not for nothing that the broccoli is in the logo of our site. Do a small comparison someday and try to eat steamed broccoli florets and for comparison those cooked in water – the difference in taste is huge.

How to cook steamed broccoli?

The matter is very simple, we need a suitable steamer – I personally use one made of natural materials, i.e. bamboo, it was described here: a bamboo evaporator. It may as well be a pot with a suitable insert or an electric evaporator. Wash and divide broccoli into roses. Then steam for about 5 – 10 minutes (we do not recommend it again, because it is getting too soft). So prepared, the warm broccoli is ready to eat immediately.

What’s next with steamed broccoli?

Such broccoli will work great as an addition to other dishes. For example, pasta with cream sauce, chicken and yellow cheese – a proven composition for which we give guarantees;). The second way to tweak broccoli, which I recommend, is to pour it with olive oil or salad sauce – of course, made on the basis of good oil.



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