How to get rid of moles?

Insects that appear in our apartment usually do not bode well, as exemplified by moths. These innocent-looking, small, brown or beige butterflies actually do not cause any harm, because they do not take food and live short (from about 2 weeks to a month). How to get rid of moles?

Where do moths come from?

Moths in the home most often appear in connection with a neglected environment: they can pass from a neighboring, abandoned apartment or fly from a nearby trash can. In the case of food moths, the most common scenario is bringing them home with shopping: larvae usually nest in loose products, such as flour, cereal or rice. Often they can also be found in imported products: cocoa, coffee and dried fruits are from the point of view of a mole a very attractive environment.

They live short (from about 2 weeks to a month). During this time, however, they manage to breed and lay a lot of eggs (100-200 pcs.), Which after a few days hatch the proper pests, i.e. larvae. Unlike the adult form of the insect, the young larvae are extremely voracious, which is why they can cause considerable damage with their activities.

Two species of moths are particularly troublesome:

  • hairworm moth, called the clothing moth,
  • granary borer, known as food moth.
How to get rid of moles?

Moths at home: how to fight them?

How to fight clothing moths, and how with food moths? During spring cleaning, however, we can form habits that reduce the likelihood of insects – or at least protect the things and products that we care about most.

The methods most helpful in the difficult fight against moths are:

  • frequent ventilation of wardrobes in combination with “fluttering” clothing – this applies especially to clothes that have not been worn for a long time;
  • investment in fragrances and chemical traps – we write about them below;
  • removing the mole nest – although this can be difficult;
  • thorough emptying and cleaning of wardrobes in which we store clothes and food;
  • maintaining proper order in the apartment – so as to eliminate signals of moles on an ongoing basis.

How to get rid of moths from the wardrobe? 

The best way to moth clothes? What to do to get rid of moles from clothes? Effective traps for clothing moths are a cardboard covered with strong glue with alluring pheromones. Male moths change from larvae to adult insects earlier than females. A pheromone trap entices them into a moth stick, and it sticks to the adhesive surface. This prevents further reproduction of moles. Females that appear later cannot find a partner. You can hang such a clothing moth trap in the wardrobe or put it near it. The way to moths in clothes is also mole spray and clothing moth spray. Moth insecticide lamps are also a proven method for adults. In the case of securing wardrobes, an effective way can be home methods for moths, i.e. hanging textile bags with lavender.

Food moths how to fight?

Once you know that you have moths in the kitchen, the next task to complete is to thoroughly clean all cabinets where food is stored. If infected food is found, it should be removed immediately from the infection site, preferably discarded. We also remember to thoroughly vacuum the infected space.


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