How to loose weight?

If we want to lose weight effectively and permanently, we do not settle for achieving this effect in two days, a week or a month. This – while maintaining rational rules – is simply impossible. On the other hand, proper, systematic diet and exercise will allow us to lose weight. How to loose weight?

The most important principles of effective weight loss

Effective slimming that will allow you to achieve and maintain your dream figure can not be a fast process at the same time. In a healthy, effective and permanent weight loss, remember the following rules:

  1. give up popular diets that promise a dietary miracle – the vast majority of people who undertook to lose kilograms in their lives met with a list of diets that were the promise of rapid fat reduction and achieving a slim and dream figure. Unfortunately, but the miracle diet does not exist. All nutrition programs, which assume the loss of 4 or 5 kilos during the week is an empty promise.
  2. focus on regular meals – planning the number and size of meals during the day will allow you to regulate your diet. It is not true that an effective diet must consist of 5 meals. For many people, due to work or other responsibilities, it is impossible to plan regular 5 meals a day. The quantity and quality of food that we will provide to the body is definitely more important.
  3. fight bad habits – bad habits have ruined more than one weight loss plan. One of the most difficult habits to fight is snacking between meals. Many people are unaware of how many calories they provide the body by eating a cheese sandwich, cornflakes, sticks or other snacks during a break. Their caloric content is one thing.
  4. do sports – physical activity is one of the most important issues in the weight loss process. If jogging or fitness are too demanding for you, you can start your physical activity with regular walks. It is worth diversifying physical activity so as not to accustom the muscles to one form of movement.

     How to loose weight?
  5. Serve the dishes skillfully – Try to keep vegetables / salad at least half the plate. Divide the remaining part in half – one part is protein, the other part e.g. pasta / rice / potatoes.
  6. Eat focused – Turn off the TV, stop talking on the phone, do not eat on the run. This is really important because focusing while eating a meal allows you to better control what and how much you eat. We register faster when we are full, we make informed choices.
  7. Eat breakfast – The statement that breakfast is the most important meal of the day always appears in the context of healthy nutrition considerations. Breakfast is also the most important meal from a weight loss perspective. I recommend that my clients eat them up to an hour after waking up. And it has nothing to do with the activity of digestive enzymes in the morning and the theory that the stomach would digest itself. The stomach will not digest itself – neither in the morning nor during famine in the evening or never.
  8. Work on internal motivation Changes do not take place alone, and the decision to lose weight should be aware, thought-out and result from your own internal need. Urging by a family or a doctor’s warning is not enough if we do not feel that we need to lose kilograms. Losing 10 kg is a job for 2-3 months, so straw enthusiasm and excitement with a new task are not enough.



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