How to tell if someone is lying?

A lie is telling untruth, giving false information. A statement inconsistent with belief and the facts. This is deliberate misleading or omission of certain facts. How can you tell if someone is lying? One of the methods is, of course, the lie detector, but on a daily basis we do not have access to it. However, there are other ways to detect a lie. How to tell if someone is lying?

How often do we lie?

We meet a lie almost every day. We are cheated and we also lie. Sometimes we also lie to ourselves. Depending on the study and the group that participated in it, different statistics are given. According to some, we lie 1 to 3 times a day. Others show that we lie on average every 10 minutes, saying 3 lies. Other sources say that we lie 2 to 200 times a day. And another, that we lie in every fifth social situation, and up to 25 in every third. The overall conclusion is that we lie often. For some of us it is easier than for others.

Why are we lying?

We are not telling the truth, we are silent about certain issues. We speak half-truths, we color and embellish reality. We lie for various reasons, usually to get some psychological and material benefit, to get what we care about thanks to lies. Sometimes we want to increase our value in the eyes of the recipient through a lie. Avoid embarrassment or disapproval. We are also not telling the truth when we think that it can protect someone from pain and suffering or we do not want to conflict with someone. We are also cheating others to please someone. So how do you recognize a liar?

How to tell if someone is lying?

Observe your body language while telling the truth

Sometimes spoken language can distract you. When I watch videos from auditions, I watch them without sound first. Then you can see nonverbal signals without dividing your attention. No matter how persuasive the words are spoken, the body often says something different.

You should first watch the person in a normal state when he is not lying. This type of approach is the basis of any modern interrogation technique used by police and intelligence agencies around the world. Before you recognize a lie, you must know what the truth looks like.

Once you know the basics of behavior, observe micro-expression, eye contact, blink frequency and gestures

For politicians, this usually happens at the end of their statement. They step out in front of the camera, speak, and as soon as they finish their speech and turn away from the camera, the mask falls – and you can see what they really think. Sometimes you can see that they feel guilty, even if they said they were innocent. Sometimes their face is disgusted, although they have just apologized.

Listen to what a person says and how

Liars give long answers to simple questions. If you ask someone if he took your money, the honest person will answer “no”. The liars, however, will immediately explain that it is not them, but they have an idea who it could be, why they would not do it and why it would be stupid. This also works in business, e.g. with questions like “can you provide a report for October 10?”. It’s a simple question to answer yes-no. Be skeptical if the answer in this case is unraveled.


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